Weed Gets High

Fact: Weed gets people high.
Fact: Weed gets through the US/Mexican border.
Fact: Catapults are fun.

Put all those 3 facts in one and you can get the gist of the situation.

Basically instead of sneaking past the border control smugglers decided to go OVER it. And no not by using pigeons.

Remote surveillance systems have caught people instead of getting high on their weed. They got their weed high. A catapult was used to send the marijuana over the border.

When the Mexican authorities got there they were too late. The suspects escaped. The officials found a catapult, 45 pounds worth of weed (someone explain the street price to me) and an SUV.

As ridiculous as this story is I pictured the catapult from the video below, then the story didn’t seem so ridiculous.


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