Vuvuzela removal.


I’m no soccer fan, but I saw a game or two and that Vuvuzela thingies annoyed the hell out of me! And if that disturbed ME, I can imagine how it would disturb others.

Anyway, A guy named Tube created some filter that’ll remove that thing from the videos using Logic Express and Mac Mini.

There’s not much details, so check out the Hackaday Source.


9 thoughts on “Vuvuzela removal.

  1. The stadium will be noisy weather vuvuzelas are involved or not.

    Vuvuzelas produce noise intended to cheer on teems. It lies in the same category as clapping, drums, and even shouting. if you want to remove these loud instruments, you’ll have to ban all other forms of noisy cheering as well.

  2. What the HELL are you saying?

    Vuvuzelas aren’t anything like the usual “noise”.

    Crowd, claps, cheers, drums and almost everything else other than the vuvuzelas aren’t just noise. It what makes you wanna watch the game.

    Vuvuzelas are constantly annoying by making a single type of sound the whole game just like single horn press from the match start to the end.

    Crowd, claps, cheers and drums are different; they have a rhythm, beat and at the very least not as constant as that.

  3. they ARE all sounds -_-

    no matter how you try to differentiate between them. you consider vuvzelas to be noisy useless interference, others do not and enjoy the sound they make. don’t impose your preferences on others. everybody’s different.

    if you want to ban a certain form of noisy expression, you better ban all forms.

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