It’s been, iunno, 5~6 days since I submitted a case to VIVA regarding my problem. I keep on calling, but don’t get the serious attention.

I talked with two friends of mine; one who works in VIVA and another who develops for VIVA.

None have confirmed a bandwidth cap. But they didn’t deny it either. The guy who works there told me that they’re under some system upgrades and they have been receiving requests about it but the Networking guys didn’t give’em any feedback yet.

So, decided to call again and ask for the shift in charge. And I decided to be a pain in the ass because, well, IT’S PAY BACK TIME FOR ALL THE CALLS I SUFFERED FROM FASTtelco CUSTOMERS XD (No really, because they didn’t pay much attention to me).

Anyway, the call goes like this:

VIVA: Hello, how can I help you?
Me: Transfer me to your superior please.
VIVA: What seem to be the problem?
Me: Long story, here’s my number and you’ll get an idea.
VIVA: Your line have been disconnected.
*Me facepalming*
Me: Yes I know, but I have a ticket that needs to be resolved.

Not going to bore you with the “We’re waiting for the network guys to call” kind of talk exchange so I asked her to pass my number to her superior to call me whenever he’s done with his current call.

He did within few minutes (I really appreciate that).

Our conversation went something like this:

Him: What’s up?
Me: Well, I’ve submitted a ticket few days, double checked its existence and if there’s any update, nothing. Any idea?
Him: The HD guys said we’re facing issues due to submarine cable cut.
Me: And that was in?
Him: ~4 days ago
Me: And when was my ticket submitted?
Him: 21st
Me: Which is before the cable cut. Which means my issue isn’t related to that.
Him: I’ll have to resubmit the ticket.
Me: And wait for another 48 hours for you guys to call? And then you don’t call so I have to call you back and hear the whole story again? Why haven’t the network guys call? I know you’re not expert in this field and god bless you for dealing with me, but I know how to describe my problem to them so we can resolve it. But no, been waiting for 5 days with no contact, been calling you guys and no one have given me any serious attention.
Him: Well, it’s how the procedure goes.
Me: OK fine, if I submitted the ticket, and your 48 hours have passed and I haven’t been updated. What do I do?
Him: You’ll have to check with us to send a follow up emails to hurry things up.
Me: *sigh* So, if I payed my bill. And started to “follow up” with you guys. And haven’t resolved my issue. What do I do with what I’ve paid?
Him: You mean compensation?
Me: Yes.
Him: You’ll have to call the complains department (If that’s the right name for it).
Me: Transfer me to them please.
Him: I can’t, we don’t have their extension. But I have their direct number. it’s 55670000.
Me: Alright, fair enough. I’ll call that department.

That call took around 20 minutes of argument, me being a pain in the ass and going around the “If I haven’t been contacted within 48 hours, I’m done for?” loop.

Called the complains department. I don’t know the proper name but you know what I’m referring to. Anyway, I called, and for some awkward reason I’m in the “Please press the extension number if you know it, or press (0) for assistance… *VIVA SONG* Please press the extension number if you know it, or press (0) for assistance…” and so on…

So there you have it. I’m patient. I can wait for a day or two but that’s just about it.

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  1. i still didn’t poke around with a55 yet. But so far, I’m in love!!

    The weather is finally clearing out so I should be able to take it for a real spin.

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