Alright, chums! I’ll be off on a month vacation from December 27th to January 27th!

Because I haven’t been posting much (Well, almost barely!), I decided to keep a daily log of what I did in the vacation. Probably a daily log.

Stockholm, Tromsø, Oslo, Reykjavik, and Copenhagen.

Goals of this trip:
* Eating a reindeer steak again (Yes Santa, you’ll have trouble delivering presents next year!).
* Northern lights again (People die without seeing one. I’m going there again because I missed the first time :P).
* Volcanoes! (Oh noes!).
* Ice fishing… Not sure.
* Buying trolls for my beloved ones… In other words, trolling them (If you want to be trolled, please inform me so I could get you one).
* Practicing Malaqa-tsu in the mountains since many have been progressing. I need to be a role model for such art 😛
* Meeting up with two good friends there.
* Be around inhumanly nice people. (Really, I thought Canadians were the nicest… I’ve been proven wrong).

I’ll probably write a quick script to show pictures and have people comment\like it. A quick fork of personal instagram since I’ve abandoned it… Almost…

One thought on “Vacation!

  1. Reindeer steak is unlikely to be halal due to the way the reindeer was killed*. Fish (cleanly cooked) and vegetarian meals are usually a safe bet.

    Cheers and have a safe trip.

    * Unless it’s halal, of course, or if it’s kosher is detailed in the Quran/Sunna; it doesn’t contain any alcohol.

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