USB 3.0 “Dummies” guide is finally out!

I remember reading some articles in Engadget that went something like this:

Intel isn’t sharing any details about their USB 3.0 so other corporations could develop devices which supports such technology. And in defence, Intel was still developing the USB 3.0 that’s why it didn’t share or reveal any detail. Which kinda pissed other companies off like AMD, nVidia, Via and SiS to develop their own stuff…

Now, Intel FINALLY revealed their royalty free USB 3.0 Dummies guide. So now everyone can build their stuff to support USB 3.0

If you want to actually start messing around with it, Follow this link

Now, since they released the stuff, I wonder what will “The Four Amigos” would do with what they’ve being working at… Will they just drop it off and go back to USB 3.0? Or do what Sony did and start PlayStation when Nintendo abandoned them?

Here’s the Intel related link.

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