“Turn it into an iDroid” guide is out!

So Sh3_G33k wrote a post weeks ago about a person managed to run Android on iPhone. Now a step by step guide has been released to turn your iPhone into an iDroid!

However, it’s been pointed out that this works only with

A first-generation iPhone or an iPhone 3G with firmware versions between 2.0 and 3.1.2, jailbroken with Redsn0w, Blacksn0w, or PwnageTool.

Also while reading I have noticed that through out the steps you’ll need to use a 32 bit linux based OS and you will need to use SSH, scp, and some other tools!

I just  hope one of you, iPhone owners, can try this and give us the results 🙂


6 thoughts on ““Turn it into an iDroid” guide is out!

  1. I have tried the “Idroid” … its easy to install on iphone (2g) and u can switch between the 2 Operating system which is awesome … but its missing alot of stuff or am just new to it
    wi-fi doesnt work … little laggy … I cant do anything with it yet cause i cant connect it to my pc …
    So u maybe try it for a day or so …. IOS is much better 🙂

    1. Umm, that was 5 months ago, maybe they got a better release! Or maybe there is another project that does a better job! I honestly havent followed that topic ever since then!

      And i honestly think that as long as it’s not developed by the company itself, Apple, it wont be as good, because the community can never have all neccessary data to make it flawless! The same goes for Android for Windows mobile based ones, etc!

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