Tron Evolution : Impression !

Hello Everyone , Today ima write an impression about Tron EvolutionPc  Version .

Remember its and IMPRESSION , not a Review .

The game is a Action-Adventure genre , mixed with a Free running like gameplay , you’ll know what im talking about when you try it 😀

The gameplay is Smooth and Really Really INTERESTING  , its fast paced  &  i love Fast games , The AI’s are Challenging

You need to mix your Attacks with Throwing your Disc with a bit of running and jumping around , the Result will be a MAJOR Killer combo :O

The Graphics , this is the Pc version , i have a gaming rig , so comparing it on consoles is a bit unfair , anyway the graphics on pc is beautiful , No jagged lines in my view , i Also love the Leveling system & upgrades .

The Story is really good and interesting , i havnt gone far through the game but , from know it seems Really really good !

Anyway i have no idea what to talk about next , this is my first time to Write a game impression .

Good night everyone

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