Touch screen for MSI Wind and Acer Aspire ONE!?

Here’s something “eLeeT” would enjoy reading…

To me, the only reason I’m getting Asus eeePC was because its so hackable that you can install massive stuff to it… To be more specific, to install a touch screen to it…

Then Dell released their guide that describes things down to the motherboard… I started to think of getting Dell Mini 9…

Now, after seeing this article, I think I’ll have either Acer Aspire ONE or MSI Wind… Probably Acer Aspire ONE will be my choice… Even though their sponser in Kuwait (Computer City – Al-Saraf) I think I’ll take it since I’m really not an MSI fan…

Anyways, here’s the related link… And the video is below…

7 thoughts on “Touch screen for MSI Wind and Acer Aspire ONE!?

  1. and you do not care to have a 6 hours battery time anymore?

    Only Eee pc 901 provide that much battery power!

    Acer is a joke and MSI is relatively big comparing to the Eee PC. Beside and since you are interested in modding your laptop, you will find yourself all alone with Acer or MSI but not with the huge community available on for Eee PC. Think again 🙂

  2. actually msi has its own community forums with much help

    and vash the only reason your getting the freaking acer is so i dont say i told you so ..

    MSI > * specs wise so there..

    oh and heartbeat, he can make a 9 cell battery for the msi wind so it gives him more battery life <.<

  3. HeartBeat:
    I think I remember your mod and I quite enjoy it… But then again I’d suffer from eeePC’s HDD’s capacity limit… And y’know… My options are increasing which doesn’t mean I’ll stop thinking about eeePC

    I’d probably not buy MSI Wind just to piss off “eLeeT” =P

    well yea… MSI Wind’s community is awesome and all… But I might not get one JUST TO PISS YOU OFF!!!… AGAAIN!!!! WAHAHHAHAL;iudyfvlseiynzleor8tmyvzlort8yglzeo9rtuylczd

  4. @eleet 9 cell battery will make it bulky and that defeat the whole idea of having a tiny winy laptop

    @Loolykinns what HDD limit capacity? you ment the SSD? I installed an 80GB HDD for $80 on the Eee 901 and u can go for 120GB. no limits of what you can do. I am working on an embeded 3G card now.

  5. Well HeartBeat… Thats kinda new to me… Now I’m totally lost thanks to you…

    I’ll decide what to take whenever my funds become sufficient =P… But still eeePC, Aspire ONE, Mini 9 and Wind are in consideration… I might choose any of’em…

    Or just head for Dell XPS oo afek 3omry min hal 3afsa =P

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