Today, Q8GEEKS BLOG is 6 years old!

Yep, six years of blogging.
Still keeping it as unique as possible (At least by Kuwaiti standards). Even though I’m not as famous or ass kisser compared to %99.238746289374263847 of the other Kuwaiti bloggers who seek sponsorship or freebies, I’m happy to write whatever I like to write, however I like to write, without losing the innocence of my blog’s spirit and my passion or having to act like a celebrity and maintaining a public image that’s different from my natural one.

Silent readers, those who I referred to in many DIY posts, I deeply and honestly thank you for your existence. Q8GEEKS wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for you.

Let’s take a look at the goals I’ve set back last year and see what I’ve accomplished:

1. I will not write a review or impression of a gadget that I don’t own or poorly reviewed by 28374629383 other Kuwaiti bloggers.

So, I nailed the gadgets review. Funny thing, I don’t remembering reviewing a gadget even though I got some interesting things to play with. But yeah, I nailed that.

2. My hands will be covered with solder stench, cookie crumbs and grounded coffee (I do this when I’m in trance with coding)

I also nailed getting my hands dirty with electronics and coding stuff. Not to a satisfying extend; work have been abusing. But I finally got sense of a pattern where I can sit down and actually have a me time to code and geek around

3. I will spend more time with the blog and Q8GEEKS in general (Probably a podcast, comic, or even peanuts).

Eyyyyeeeeaaaaaaaah… That is a tough one… I’ll have to do something about it. Finding those who’d cooperate in random things to do together is tough.

4. I will *sigh* learn python.

Wasn’t so far off though, I made a small script to generate a random string to be used as a password and copies it to clipboard… That’s something!

5. I will build an instagram alternative for great justice!

Yep. Ignoring that… I was enraged (Although I’d consider doing something similar only when I’m out of ideas)

6. I will still lurv mudkipz!


7. I will do a geeky thing a week and just post about it (Probably includes torturing my nieces and nephews… That sounds nice)

Apparently, a weekly post was virtually impossible that year; work been abusive (Not Abu Yousif, damn it!) and I finally started to find free time to do stuff. As you can see, I’m poking around with the randomest things

So basically, I’d say I did half of the goals I set. Which isn’t so bad.

What I’ve learned from last year:

  1. It’s alright to read stories and novels. Really, I learned that the hard way and very VERY late
  2. Unity3D can be fun.
  3. Electronics (Arduino and Raspberry Pi) aren’t THAT hard…
  4. Having dual monitors boost productivity.
  5. How to say “No” and “Fuck you” straight to those who deserve it (Believe me, that’s hard for me).
  6. It’s better to not have friends than to have half-assed friends (I know, personal matter, but worth mentioning).
  7. I can be an asshole sometimes. And sometimes, it’s OK.

So yeah.

I hope 2014 treats me as nice as how 2013 treated me, if not better.

I hope I have the right energy and be encouraged to post more stuff in Q8GEEKS than I did last year.

I hope the silent readers would actually kick in a comment or two and interact. After all, this blog was made for you, guys.

I hope I find more people to participate and write in here too! It’s Q8GEEK(S) for a reason, y’know.

I thank god for allowing me to live until this moment.
I thank family for existing in my life.
I thank my friends who, without them, my life would’ve been miserable.
I thank those who did the smallest things that opened up my eyes on worlds and universes that I wouldn’t have explored without their minor involvement.

And I thank you for reading this post, whoever you are.

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