This is how Bill Gates kills his retirement boredom…

Away from computers and Windows, Bill Gates is actually investing into saving this planet.

Artificial clouds… The idea is basically this:
Send some ships to some ocean, start sucking up water and steam them 3,000 feet high to thicken clouds so it starts raining.

If things worked well, it would trip the climate changes that’s occurring recently… And polar bears and penguins won’t be sunbathing any more =P

I just hope that a ship or two would come to our region and start making crying clouds… But then again, it would be salty -_-;


One thought on “This is how Bill Gates kills his retirement boredom…

  1. well.. actually it wont be salty, i actually watched a documentary about this in class last week and well basically what these ‘ships’ would do is well increase water evaporation, increasing cloud thickness therefore increasing their ability to reflect more sunlight and so reducing all of this warming, but i reckon having artificial trees would be better and is quite a possible idea, more likel to happen than having those huge ships anyway, you can watch the whole thing here or just check it out on wiki and have a read

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