They broke YouTube, but YouTube ruined it!

Makes no sense right? LOL, don’t worry!

There are some YouTubers made a very nice video in which they seem like they’re moving html/flash contents of the default YouTube page! Before giving you the video, I want to tell you that watching this in YouTube is way better, go watch it there, CLICK!

So that was the “They broke YouTube” part! As for the “YouTube ruined it” part, it’s simple! You see the ad box in the video, YouTube changed the style of it after some hours! Probably YouTube just didn’t like the vid and how they manipulated it! THEY RUINED IT!!

2 thoughts on “They broke YouTube, but YouTube ruined it!

    1. ‘old’*inf()

      Yeah that’s funny, but always keep in mind that those guys did that without any special help by YouTube!

      LOL, It really got me at first @ 2:20!

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