THE secure computer OS!?

I would like to disagree… But who am I to disagree? 😛

According to a PC AUTHORITY post, China have made the first unhackable OS named “Kylin”…

The OS haven’t been publicized yet or anything… In fact, it was leaked to US by spies and all…

The weird thing is that, it doesn’t use INTEL\AMD chipset and it’s not Windows\Linux\Unix…

Now, I’d like to quote something I ALWAYS so to those who think that there’s something in computers that are secured:

The most secured computer is one that’s totally disconnected from power and internet connectivity means, dug 50 meters underground protected by 9287346298347 monks!!

Ofcourse, some idiotic Kuwaities will pop up and say “Mac is secured” and I’ll reply “NO INTERWEBZ FOR YOU WOMAN!!! GO BACK TO THE KITCHEN!!”… Then again, it’s only THE idiotic Kuwaities… There’s alot of smart ones though…

Click here to read the PC AUTHORITY related post.

6 thoughts on “THE secure computer OS!?

  1. Beside “Dreams Os’s or machines” that are secure, you’ve forgotten to mention the Mainframes, they are indeed the most secured machines with their solid operating systems, even when they are connected to the outside world (i.e. Internet)!

  2. mainframes?

    they’re computers, therefor, they’re hackable in a way or another… that should apply on that chinese os…

  3. I use to hack mainframes like anything back in the days, they where so complex the employed sysadmins where extremely lazy and careless and left so many backdoors open. The only secure systems would be the ones that are open and tested daily and constantly fixed.

  4. Don

    are you sure you are talking about REAL (mainframes)?

    the strange thing (that really confuses me) is that we call YOUR sysadmins, SysProgs!

    so, please stop bullshitting! 🙂

    and by the way, IT IS REALLY SECURE, I’m doing my job perfectly!

  5. Don:

    Well, you just got things easy to be able to hack a slacky mainframe… But then again, even an open and constantly fixed mainframe\os is hackable when you know where to strike… thats, when and only when 😛

    You’re just more interested in the word “open”, aren’t you?:P

    just a visitor with no name :):
    Even if you do your job perfectly, no matter what the mainframe is, it IS secured, but not fully secured… There must be some vulnerability here or there whether it’s disclosed or not…

    There’s nothing called perfect in this world… Except when you kill\beat someone in a video game with full health 😛

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