6 thoughts on “The New Japanese Embassy?

  1. No not at all. It is only sensitive when your taking photos inside the premises. Furthermore a rule of thumb when taking photos and this is a general rule that has been used worldwide, If you are standing outside in an open street road area then it is safe for any individual to take photos due that you are standing in public property and therefore you are not at risk of invasion privacy.

  2. good, then i’ll go and take a few pictures of a us military base. wonder how that’s gona turn out 😛
    what your describing here may apply to other countries. but not to kuwait. 2 of my relatives can confirm that out of “experience“.

  3. LOL!!! Dude there are a lot of Kuwait US and Kuwaiti military base pictures on Flicker and on Photobucket including video footages posted on Youtube. You tell me which is worse. If you can take photos of the US military base be my guest. Its just a matter of how you take the photos and that you follow correct journalism guidelines.

    If you say your relatives have experience, there is nothing wrong with that. However, on my side I’ve brought up this topic up with some of my friends today who work in law firms and showed them this post. They said that there is nothing wrong with taking photos when your in public property areas. Just as long you don’t take photos in which they do not want you to take pictures off .

    That said, you can easily pull up a camera, zoom in from a distance and snap away. 😛 I understand that you mean well and I really appreciate the thought but It is completely fine. 😀

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