The Male Angler Fish

If there ever was the slightest chance in life that I would be reincarnated into a different animal I just hope that I don’t reincarnate as a Male Angler fish. Read the comic to find out why.

Note:This post was created with my new Netpod. I’ll be. posting pics soon on it. 😀

5 thoughts on “The Male Angler Fish

  1. Wolf.. are you sure this is yours cause honestly this looks Perfect its awesome its great and if it werent for that note at the end i would have thought that this was the work of the Oatmeal if youre familiar with him but other than that you’re great! buddy keep up the great work and i really hope that one day you’ll a really cool site of your own with your own webcomic of some sort or similar to the Oatmeal heck even better! 😀

  2. Meh.. it actually looked pretty oatmealish but then again you didnt link anything or even say that it was from the oatmeal.. anyway its cool

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