The Hangout: Day one

I was close enough on going to Caribou FTZ (Free Trading Zone as my friend eLeeT said once). But I changed my mind and thought of giving “The Hangout” a shot… It’s been a while since I last time went there (2 years maybe). It’s somewhere in Salmiya, close to AUK (American University of Kuwait).

I’m writing this post after having a good day over there…

* IT COSTS ALOT!!! I paid almost 5KD for a cappuccino and some club sandwich… Well the taste is awesome but still COSTS ALOT!!!

* It’s as large as any Starbucks… Good seats… Good tables… Got TVs (which is something so uncommon for coffee houses and stuff).
* There’s that spot thats mostly reserved, which is a good place if you want to have a little bit of freedom with your date or something =P.
* Parkings aren’t enough, C’mon it’s Salmiya after all.

* Go for the drinks and all… The food aren’t that special. Though I like their Pioneer Sandwich which costs like 2.900KD WHICH IS ALOT!
* Their “Hangout special cappuccino” taste good. Well not too good to me, lack of sweetness… I love sugar =P.

* Modern Indian style decoration. Liked the lightning.
* There are few TVs in there.
* Good taste of music… I love it… Mostly Oriental stuff (like Oriental Jazz and maybe little Latino songs).
* It’s so good for dating. Actually, I knew its a good spot for dating… I felt weird going there alone (thank god some friends arrived =P).
* It’s abit dark… Reddish colored… Has electricity sockets everywhere (Good for laptopers)… Various WiFi Access points (use the “Get Connected” WiFi access point… It’s free but abit slow).
* They light little candles on few tables… I LOVE THAT!!!

If you want to have a nice date with a girl (or boy… who knows maybe the person who’s reading is a girl… or gay =P… hehehe) stuff your wallet with some cash and go there… It worth the price… And, try to bring your own Wnet or e-Go connection… The public internet in here is as fast as 32KBps download.

I’d only come here when I got over-moneyed =P… I remember that their chocolate stuff were so AMAZING!!! I mean, so amazing that I’d go for their chocolated stuff again and again!!!… I might update you all with more details IF I go there again =P.

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  1. oh yea i remember that… you had to ask the guy to fill more sugar… SUGAAAR!!!

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