The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf infront of Qasr Al-Seif: Day 1

Today I felt like trying a new place. So I got outta Dunkin’ Donuts (Yes… DD… The inner evil me forces me to go there), called Dragon (eLeeT) and my friend Painkiller and went to look for a new place to try. I even was cruising Gulf Street for like an hour trying to decide.

Finally decided to go to “Cocoa Leaf” near the Olympic complex thats in progress… But, it’s not a coffee house (bohohooo…).

So I thought of the word “Leaf” and remembered there’s supposed to be a quite coffee house with the word “Lead” in it, it was “The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf” located right infront of Qasr Al-Seif (somewhere near Panini and The Burger Hub). Went there, called my friends and they couldn’t come due to some issues (except you Dragon… You’re just a lazy butt!!!)

I’m writing this post while drinking their HOT VANILLA!!!

*   The Chocolate fantasy costs around 1.750KD
*   The HOT VANILLA (0.4Litre) costs around 1.200KD
*   Decently reasonable for the drink… But the cake isn’t that great (because it had nuts… I’m kinda allergic to’em… My tongue is itching me)

*   Small indoor space and Large outdoor space…
*   Parking your car might be a hard task… I think I’m lucky since I arrived around 19:30

*   The Chocolate Fantasy had the chocolate that I prefer (kinda dark and bitter)… I love it… But I wasn’t lucky enough because it had nuts… I’d try something else later on
*   The HOT VANILLA IS HOTTT!!! I LIKIE!!!!! It makes me feel 273542878537265832 years younger… Reminds me when I was young, sneaking to the kitchen, grabbing some milk and put some chocolate powder and mess things out… Then mom yells and I run away =P.
*   They served the HOT VANILLA with some HUGE glass… Unusual but me likie… And there’s no tray which always bothers me

*   I have no right to judge… But decoration feels cheap to me… So common wooden decoration… Less comfy seats that usual (comparing to Caribou Coffee and The Hangout).
*   There’s a weird drawing on the wall behind me… It has a Kuwaiti guy wearing the traditional uniform (Ghetra and Egal) holding a kid’s hand… Never saw that coming… But since we’re at it, is he the kid’s father or just another pedophile? =P.
*   Popish and so common taste of music… Good thing I have my iPod.
*   Abit chilli and Bright in the inside.
*   Electricity sockets everywhere… People with laptops won’t have to bring their extensions.
*   No WiFi yet. I talked to the Barista and he said it’ll be available soon. Wnet does the job.

They offer some card. Order whatever you’re ordering for 12 times and you’ll get a free drink (Coffee or Tea)… Ask them for more details. And they have that cheap Honey Sticks, I’m buying two for my nieces.

The place IS damn quite (maybe I arrived at some weird timing) but yea I like it… The goods in here are great (well the ones I tried)… It’s chilli in here… Feeling cold right now… I’ll come back here later on for another shot.

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