Temporarily fix Star Craft II over heating issues with two lines.

I’m not interested in that game (Atleast not as much as hardcore fans), but I found this article and thought it’d help.

Explaining the problem first:
The problem is basically that there’s no framerate cap and the Video Card goes bonkers in some between-mission scenes onboard Jim Raynor’s ship. So what happens is that the card just abuses itself redrawing frames to the point where the whole thing heats up and make you bacon.

The temporarily fix is simple:
Go to “Documents” folder then “StarCraft II Beta” and open up the file named “variables.txt” and add these two lines:



Well, if that didn’t help, you’ll need to go deeper AND CLEAN YOUR GOD DAMN COMPUTER:


On a side note, can someone find a “StarCraft eb StarCraft” video? Or just make one to bully the “abble eb abble” video? xD

3 thoughts on “Temporarily fix Star Craft II over heating issues with two lines.

  1. Wouldn’t that only affect Beta Clients (which should have been uninstalled already) since the folder path you have is that of the Beta Client?

    I think that problem is true for many other games (not only SC2) the problem is there are too many people buying the game (millions) so it just seem that SC2 IS the problem and not the fact that their VGA cards were either at the edge of expiration, dusty or bad case air circulation.

  2. I’m not sure, the word “BETA” isn’t included in the source and the source’s source… But yea, it got me wondered for a a minute or two…

  3. Weird … I already finished the game and went through all the cut scenes and didnt have any problem …

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