Telnet for Windows 7

I wanted to try something so I needed to use Telnet in my Windows 7… Which I got surprised when a message appeared showing me the following:

“‘telnet’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.”

I googled around and found this blog that explained how to turn it back on normally by following these easy steps:

1) Go to “Control Panel”
2) Go to “Programs”
3) Click on “Turn Windows features On or Off”
4) Browse the list and check on “Telnet Client”

Restart your computer, and you’re done =D

I’m not quite sure why they removed it from the default stuff (Assuming it might cause security issues… I don’t know how), but you can enable it using the 4 steps above…

That works for both Windows 7 and Vista (Not quite sure about Vista though), and you can (en\dis)able other features too…

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One thought on “Telnet for Windows 7

  1. thats going to provide some help since i just now succefully got my wireless devices working with windows 7
    i think am starting to really like this operating system

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