Tekken 6 UNBOXING!

I know I know… There are so many video out there unboxing new shit that hasn’t been released yet so I figured I would do one of my own for the first time. I think this game deserves it more than anything. Got it from Rehab for 19 KD NTSC region 1. There is a good possibility that you might get it for 18KD. Here is a tip, keep haggling and push those monopoly seller jerks to lower down the price.  Good luck and I’ll see you in the ring online.

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5 thoughts on “Tekken 6 UNBOXING!

  1. jerks +1

    speaking about monopoly-hab, I haven’t been there for a while now. every time i go in to buy a game, i end up getting pissed off at the “jerk” selling it. they treat you like you have nowhere else to buy stuff from. and the sad fact is, they’re absolutely right. rehab, go to hell.

    tekken is a nice game, but if you want REAL ACTION. you’re better off with some thing more mature, something like Super Smash Bros.

  2. WHAT?! Super Smash Bro’s is BAD dude! How the heck do you consider that even mature?

    As for Re7ab they are all jerks and they all want to make you think that there is no place for you to buy at a decent price. That’s false. Don’t let them fool and you shouldn’t even about it for that matter. The truth is this dude. These stores have to pay rental for their shops. They’re gonna have to make money one way or the other. And yes sometimes they do work in a monopoly ‘I scratch your back you scratch mine’ kinda thing, but that theory won’t last long when the building manger comes in to collect and that when they get really desperate.

    Do what I do. DO NOT GIVE THEM A FACE. You know the prices of a typical brand new game should cost only max 20 to 18 KD. I don’t care how strong or awesome that game is that is the legit price. If they charge you 25 or 22 KD just give them the middle finger and walk out. So this is what I do. I go in to a store I ask how much for the game he says “22kd.” I say “19KD.” they refuse, don’t stay there for a single minute just walk away from the store and keep your head high. You ask the next store and he says “22KD.” for the game and you say once more “19KD.” If they refuse just walk out and then PRESTO the magic happens when THEY call you back before you walk out and it is HERE when they will try to be reasonable with you.

    To put it in a nut shell, simply kill them with words. They have to make money. 😎

  3. “WHAT?! Super Smash Bro’s is BAD dude! How the heck do you consider that even mature?”
    i was joking buddy, calm down 😉
    but seriously, it’s a good game. not mature, but fun never the less.

    oh yeah, about rehab; I gave up on it a looooong time ago. now i just let my younger brother do all the hard work.
    it’s great having brothers over 18 who love video games 😀

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