Symbian OS, the end is near!

There has been rumors flying around lately that Symbian Ltd might be quitting soon! Symbian OS fund is really low at the moment, and they don’t have much resources to resolve this case.

Symbian has been losing its supporters in the last years – including Sony Ericson, Motorola, and Samsung – that now they have only Nokia to rely on. And seeing Nokia itself are facing problems, employees quitting, might not be a good sign for both Symbian and Nokia.

So currently two questions are in the minds of Symbian/Nokia owners: Will they receive the update for Symbian^3 that Nokia said that they’ll be releasing early this year? And, will they make it and release Symbian^4 in mid 2011 as planed?

Who are to blame? My personal opinion says “the developers”, they couldn’t make a better and a more modern OS that competes with todays mobile OS’s that they lost their supporters to Android OS! … You can blame Android/Google if you want to, it’s the evil company after all! 😉

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7 thoughts on “Symbian OS, the end is near!

  1. I don’t know but nokia has shown to me that they’re good in abandoning projects. Maemo for example. I don’t see the new Symbian coming out anytime soon. I do think however that Meego will be quite awesome.

  2. MeeGo is something weird. It’s a project where both Intel and AMD works together to support.

    It’s not that Nokia means Symbian, OS probably suck (I second that), but their phones are so awesome and reliable… I literally had a skype call yesterday while showering (With no protection covers of any sort).

  3. I kind of agree with dubnukem that Nokia loves ditching projects, not only MeeGo (Which I love), but also OVI (not entirely)! And since Nokia is currently the ones behind Symbian OS development (mainly), I wouldn’t be surprised if it got ditched! ^_^

    … what’s that kinns, “Reliable”? Umm, that was one thing they used to be known of, used to be. Lately more and more problems are facing Nokia users. I am not talking about lack of apps or “my phone fell in the sink”, I’m talking about unexplainable problems that occurs randomly. Last week, GoldenBoy’s N8 went “ByeBye”, it suddenly stopped working, doesn’t run or anything. However when he went to i2 to get it fixed, it seemed that there are others with the same problem. Also i was chatting with a firiend of mine about Nokia phones and guess what? Same problem.

    I still don’t get how you said that word although you had problems with your phone when your first got it! 😛

  4. Manufacture failure is something, replacing it with another phone and have it survive 1.5m~2m falls on various surfaces, mistakenly being kicked by military boots (Yes, I like wearing those) and take it to shower while IM, listen to my music stream, check emails and browse the intertubes is totally something else 😛

  5. I agree with anyone who says nokia makes durable phones. it’s a fact. but lately, htc has been gaining the reputation of being durable. I mean their phones double as bulletproof vests!

    In any case, I hope nokia does in fact ditch symbian and shifts it’s attention on meego. android needs/deserves a good competitor.

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