Switching to JustHost

Alrighty, I’m taking this big step and move my stuff to Justhost from Palmhost…

Why? I’ll tell you why…

1) Palmhost became less stable than before
2) No PHP5 support. I mean c’mon, I do need PHP5!!
3) Security issues (Remember the major Palmhost breach?)

I think the above 3 reasons are good enough for me to switch to JustHost. I hope things gets better over there =D

5 thoughts on “Switching to JustHost

  1. worried … nah! i though either it got hacked and loolykinns was trying to cover it up or he was adding a homepage for this site and stop the redirecting! but i was wrong!

  2. Darkwolf80s:
    You’re not the only one who got worried, most of my friends.

    I just snapped when I saw “Page cannot be displayed” that lasted for few seconds. I went like “Fuck it! Palmhost just lost me here”…

    Anxious Nut:
    You liar!! You PM’ed me in MSN Messenger with worries and all =P

  3. @Loolykinns: I wouldn’t say lier, i was laughing at the time! Here what i wrote(good thing empathy saves history):
    “Het what’s up with the UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!Did something happen or you’re just doing something?” see with the same (‘het’ typo!)
    and by “Did something happen” i meant getting hacked!
    but the problem is ppl can’t know my emotion through text all the time, so probably you thought i was “worried”! But Im not

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