4 thoughts on “Super Street Fighter 4 in Kuwait!

  1. wow. your directing skills have improved 😉 also that last in-game part was awesome.

    two questions:
    – what did you use to make the video?
    – why not use a tripod? the mini ones start at 1.8KD and the big suckers are not that more expensive. At least, it’ll free your hands.

    I think i’ll get a copy once the prices fall a bit.

  2. My directing skills are always random :P. I used Windows Movie Maker to make the video. I could not use a tripod due that I was using my Nokia 82 to shoot the video. I was amazed that I actually opened the game using one hand only.

    I highly doubt the price for the game is going to fall down anytime soon. The current price is 20 KD. You’ll be lucky to get it for 18. But if you are on a low budget Pre-order it now from Amazon.com because Amazon is having a pre-order promotion for Super Street Fighter 4 exclusively for the PS3. The game costs 36.99 for the PS3 which is a lot less than the x-box 360. That’s 10KD for the game, plus 7 or 4 Dollars for Amazon shipment to your mailing address and 5 or 3.5KD for Aremex Shop & Ship. You’ll receive your game in exactly 1 week after it is officially released in the US on April 27th.

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