Stupid theft could lead to stupid death =P

This is plain dumb!!! How could someone be as dumb as this?

This is not related to the article... Just thought of adding a train picture

15 Indian train thieves died while stealing a train…

They were aiming to steal Oil from one of the tanks… But instead, they got into a poisoning tank and died…

It would be an honor to die while working, but not when it involves thievery… It just turns to comedy =D

Here’s the REUTERS Link.

2 thoughts on “Stupid theft could lead to stupid death =P

  1. Hillarious, just there no honor in dying while working, the only honor is to die protecting your family, religion and country, anything else is irrelevant.

  2. Not really… its an honor to die while doing your job… whether it was paperwork or protecting your country from enemies…

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