StrongBad on Wii

eLeeT, its not because of your comment. It’s just that StrongBad is so special to me that I have to work on the embedded movie thingy so StronBad’s thingy becomes the first post with first embedded thingy in my blog =A

An awesome guy with an awesome “The Cheat” pet. With 2 brothers, StrongMad (Strong, Big and stupid) and StrongSad (Emo, Smart and usually mostly Humilated)… wait! Why the hell am I explaining who’s StrongBad? If you don’t know him that means you’re not cool enough!!!

To be cool, Click Here!

And the video related to his Wii Game is below

4 thoughts on “StrongBad on Wii

  1. lol ofcourse its from my comment, you wouldn’t have remembered if it wasn’t from it 😛

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