Steve Jobs – A Fox Mastermind in Business

Yesterday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has finished off the press conference regarding the iPhone 4 antenna reception issue and admitted by saying “There’s no software fix for the iPhone 4 antenna problem.” Apple even goes on saying that it was indeed a hardware issue however that same factor affects all major smart phones that’s out in the market. That said, Steve Jobs has announced that the new firmware update IOS4.01 has a more accurate bar signal algorithm. What that basically does is it will give the user a better sense of what kind of services they would expect to get when they are in different location.

The wide spread rumors that have been speculating and expecting Apple to perform a recall on the iPhone 4; sad to say that it is not happening but Apple has a solution. Apple will be providing free iPhone 4 bumper cases for every iPhone 4. If you’re one of the users that have paid $30 for one you’ll be happy to know that you can get a refund for it. If you are not completely satisfied you can also return the iPhone 4 and get your full refund only if you have all the stuff that came in with your package, the box, receipt and to act within 30 days starting next week.

So technically, the new update is just a placebo for people think that it will fix the problem with their iPhone 4 when in truth it won’t. To me this is what I really see what’s behinds Steve Jobs curtains. Convince the customers that there is no absolutely problem with the iPhone 4 while providing a free bumper case to go with it. Protect profits/shareholders at all costs. Focus Attack the problem towards phone service providers. Avoid getting phones with hardware faults and fix future iPhone 4 batches.

To conclude, Steve Job handled the issue really slick and I know that a lot of people in Kuwait and everywhere around the world will still buy the iPhone 4 not only because they’ll receive a free bumper case for it but simply because it is Apple. Quote from the famous Kuwaiti Apple youtube video “!!أنا كل شغلي أبل اب أبل

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