Startrail Session VI: Results and thoughts

For those who attended the last Startrail Session, thank you so much for attending. It meant a lot to me and your participation will only encourage me to keep this coming!

For those who couldn’t, there’s always next time 😀

Well, my results are these:

That is a video made with SnagIt and 232 pictures stacked in

And this is a picture of the Milky Way by 02:00AM in May 11th.

Milkyway [May, 11th, 2013]

Well, things I learned from last session:

  1. It can be hot. No need for jackets. Just grab a long-sleeve thingy just in case it gold chilly.
  2. First aid kit. Nothing happened, thank god. But we’d need it.
  3. Nerf gun to shoot anyone who uses a flash light. Also, use red lights instead (And weak ones too!)
  4. The fun part of the Milky Way starts showing up by 01:00AM by south. And south is where street lights are… Must change spots
  5. Must learn how to make Arabic Coffee… And maybe buy a new grill for steaks… Mmmmmmm…
  6. PEANUTS!!


Thanks for those who made it.

Thanks for those who were interested but couldn’t make it, there’s always a next time.

I’ll provide a better system for registration, contacts, updates, and reminders. So until then, stay tuned for Startrail Session VII in June 7th 😀

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