So Santa is a Hacker… Quite Interesting :P

Not a good time to blame Santa for computer security issues… He’s still out there giving presents 😛

I know this got nothing to do with Santa, but the article I’m referring at made me laugh mentioning that 😛

Anyways, Amazon is alerting customers about some Samsung digital picture frames that comes with virus (or let’s just say malware)…

They’re recommending downloading the latest software from Samsung’s website instead of using the one included with the digital picture frame…

As the article goes, most of current anti-viruses can detect and remove the malware easily without any problem if they’re up-to-date…

Leaving the fact that Samsung should’ve worked harder to prevent such incident or Mac OS X and Linux users are safe from such thing (I’m sure someone would jump and bring this up… So I’m just bringing this up to save time :P), it would be priceless seeing some kid’s face cursing Santa because he got a digital picture frame as a present from the christmass tree 😛

I wonder if Santa will hack some military network next year 😛

Click here to read more about it in ZDNET.

2 thoughts on “So Santa is a Hacker… Quite Interesting :P

  1. lol i know am very late but i haven’t entered the blog for quite a while and lolz santa is a haker
    anxious nut: ur gonna love this santa

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