So it’s already happening? Apple got hit by a trojan!?

Every system have vulnerabilities and every system can have trojans written for’em… Windows got it’s share of trojans (Windows still suffers) and Linux probably got it’s share as well… But it’s time for Mac OS Sucks (OS X) to be in such fate…

According to Intego, a trojan called “OSX.Trojan.iServices.A” (which is found in January the 21th) is slipped into a pirated torrented iWork09… It installs itself somewhere in a folder that runs start-up softwares…

Yes… It’s idiotic to download pirated softwares (few exceptions :P) and Windows is suffering dramatically from that… Yet, atleast 20,000 got infected (That leaves the remaining 5 users out of field :P… Just kidding)

Ofcourse, Intego launched some removal tools and all… And it also recommends not to download software from an untrusted site (Duuh…)

My point in this post is that, Finally someone wrote a trojan for Mac OS Sucks… And as a start, it hit 20,000 victims as a start…

Some Mac OS X users are smart\wealthy enough not to download pirated software and actually buy original softwares (Thats one of the reasons I’m shifting to buying more official softwares), but there’s ALOT of stupid\poor enough to download pirated software rather than buy official softwares…

Bottom line:
Mac OS X is starting to have trojans… Now, it’s almost as unsafe (if you measure it by trojans) as Windows

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6 thoughts on “So it’s already happening? Apple got hit by a trojan!?

  1. you know who else got “hit” by a trojan .. me
    and i dont know how to remove it whenever i try to i got another “threat” from AVG …help please!

  2. Same could happen to a *nix system. If you download any compromised software and when it asks you for your root password. You are giving it permission to do what ever it wants to your system.

    I dont see this as a major vulnerability. All this proves is that dont download pirated software.

  3. Teeman:
    Hmmm… I’d take a look at it one day, but you have to bribe me with CHOCOLATE!!! 😛

    If you read the small paragraph above the picture, you’ll see that I already mentioned that *nix, Windows and Mac has vulnerabilities and trojans\malwares…

    I’m not saying it’s a major vulnerability since it’s a custom made trojan by others, but I’m saying that Mac is being targeted…

  4. One trojan . . . not a million trojans like you guys have to deal with. And if we don’t download pirated materials, no problem, right? 😉

    Geek, you need to send in an entry for the Great Kuwait Market Magic Challenge. Deadline 31 January. You still have time. I am waiting. 🙂

  5. Well ofcourse!! Windows is suffering from malwares and crap!! But Mac is starting to become an interesting target for hackers…

    And yes, I’ll try to find a set of good pictures soon n_n

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