Snow Leopard with outdated Flash player… Good liek zeees!!

I don’t know if someone is going to blame Apple for such slip, but it could be risky…

I’ll make it short:

Whether you have your Flash up-to-date before upgrading to Snow Leopard or not, Snow Leopard will install an outdated (Vulnerable) version of Flash player…

I wonder why it’s even called “Mac OS X Snow Leopard – The world’s most advanced OS” (When googling “Snow Leopard”) 😛

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3 thoughts on “Snow Leopard with outdated Flash player… Good liek zeees!!

  1. I suggest you read Art.Technica 20+ page article on 10.6. It really breaks down the advanced features and what to expect from Apple. The never ending love/hate with Flash. Hopefully it will get a lot worse so that HTML 5 will be standardized and have no need for 3rd party plugins.

  2. It’s just ironic that they call Mac OS Sucks “The most advanced OS” and they slip an outdated (vulnerable) software…

    Just like the Kuwaiti saying “Ghal6at elsha6er eb-alf” 😛

  3. nibaq:
    I doubt it. A site like youtube can’t dump flash for an HTML tag that can’t have subtitle and can’t display ads within videos. But believe me, if popular videos sites like youtube provide an HTML 5 site, I will totally support it and will never return to crappy flash version.

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