Similac Baby Food Update 2!

I’m sure you all remembered my previous post on the Similac Baby product infestation and how Alqabas newspaper issued a public announcement article that none of the Kuwaiti Similac products are contaminated.

Well on the day I have written that post, I have also  personally got in contact with Abbot laboratories on this issue and I have received an interesting e-mail from them. You’ll be surprised with what they have to say.

Abbot Lab E-mail:


I received a message that you had written to Abbott asking about Similac in Saudi Arabia.

The products that Abbott Nutrition distributes in Saudi are not affected by the recall that we announced in the US, Puerto Rico, Guam and some countries in the Caribbean. The recall only involved products that were manufactured in one production area at a single plant in the U.S. The infant formula products we import for distribution in Saudi come from a manufacturing plant in Ireland.

Attached is a statement (in Arabic) from the Saudi Minister of Health that should clarify.

Let me know if you have any questions.



There you have it folks. Saudi Arabia just made a big fuss on this whole issue. I can understand that they are taking risk measures but right now I’m just; how should I put this… Perplexed on the whole subject. All I can say is never jump into a final conclusion without covering all the variables to a problem.

You can download the attachment here SPA MOH

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