Second Cup Al-Bustan Complex: Day 1

I had to go there with a friend… So I thought of giving their stuff a shot… And I kinda regret it.

I even had to ask my friend (Sicko) to come there out of boredom… Well I’ll keep it short since I hate this place…

*   Ordered Halloumi sandwich and it wasn’t as good as I expected… It was less than the decent Haloumi sandwich… And costs 1.500KD… Thats much for that sandwich
*   My friend ordered Cappuccino… I don’t know how much it costs but it wasn’t so special

*   Its crowded inside… Well why can’t it be? They’re watching a soccer game…
*   To me, its waaaaay too open… And since I’m a guy who works on a laptop, its annoying because people can see what I’m doing
*   Parking?  C’mon it’s Salmiya… Don’t expect to get good parking without having a hard time

*   No special Haloumi Saandwich
*   No special Cappuccinos

*   Since there’s a soccer match, I kinda predicted it’ll be noisy and annoying
*   According to a friend of mine, he said its not that much of a difference in noisiness…

*   The only good thing in here is their Internet connection, Pay 1KD and you’ll get 24 internet hours.
*   Seatings aren’t good
*   Lack of power sockets…

I’M NOT COMING HERE AGAIN!!! Unless they fix things over… I prefer going to the Falafel shop in my area than coming in here! I prefer drinking Nescafe over drinking their cappuccino!  Hell, I prefer eating my own Cheese’n’Toast over their Haloumi Sandwich… Noisy, annoying, Bad layout, Bad Quality in goods Coffee House…

I wonder why people make big fuss about it?

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