Say what!? Windows for ARM!?

Oh my… That does change many things:

According to BGR (Not “BAGAR” you idiots!! I’M BAGAR!!), Windows running on ARM-based devices will be shown off at CES.

That alone gives many options to kick a full-featured Windows on devices such as Netbooks and Tablets noting that WSJ reported that Microsoft will customize that edition of Windows to fit battery-powered devices needs.

Unfortunately though, it might not be out in the next year or two. But it’s all good. I’ve waited for 6 years to get my hands on GT5, I can wait few years for this 😛


9 thoughts on “Say what!? Windows for ARM!?

  1. linux is expanding well

    However it still isn’t very user friendly

    once it gets there it will , till then windows is dominating (also don’t forget that games run mainly on windows, Direct X)

    1. You mean not dumbness-proof? Yes completely I agree with that!

      It is user-friendly; well unless you’re still using 90s linux releases! Here’s a proof for you that shows how friendly it is: All my family members use it as their main OS – many dont have win any more, and they’re not geeks! They use it because it simply works; no lag, no viruses and antivirus shit, and everything else works just the way it’s supposed to!!

      If people had Ubuntu/Mint preinstalled on their PC and were never exposed to Windows until using linux, they’ll tell the truth! People only say that it’s not friendly because it’s not what they are used to use; It’s the only reason!

      1. Agree with your statement and I’ll be honest with you. I knew of Linux existence but never thought it was an OS. I always thought it was a special software for computer engineers or deves who uses UNIX coding and thought that in order to use it it is all key codes commands in black screen with green text. But that thought ended in 2005 when Ubuntu started to get its name out on the web news like Routers and other news media and was one of the biggest talks of year. That was when I came to know of Opensource and I found the topic really intriguing and had to do a research paper about it for one of my COMM classes back in uni.

        Your proof is correct because there is no marketing for Linux at all yet it exists. If a lot people actually started to use Linux back in the 90s because to me I see that as the Baby Boom era for computers to grab its share of the business market. If business firms started to invest in Linux then you would actually see 3rd party software apps on the back of their boxes in requirement field saying “Works in Windows, Mac OS and Linux.”

        1. A few do that! I spotted two webcams in Kuwait that has linux logo and says “linux supported”! 😀

          Also, some companies are considering porting their apps to linux! If you’re familiar with the humble indie bundle, you’d get what I mean! Also the fact that Ubuntu added paid apps section to their Software Center is starting to attract some companies to get their stuff in!

          … When it comes to marketing, I say it’s still the beginning! Especially with that Ubuntu Light (OEMs only)

          1. Oh! That’s great to know that Ubuntu is doing that! If it keeps up who knows what will happen next. I’m all for Linux OS just port some major graphic and games to the system or at least add a software from the main firm to adjust its compatibility (not Wine or Cross over Linux) but an actual software reader/converter from Microsoft or IBM.

          2. Games are on their way – hopefully! And if you meant formats when you said compatibility, I can say two things – putting OOo aside! First is that IBM provides its Lotus Symphony office suite for Linux! Second is LibreOffice will do the job since Google is in! I realized that whenever Google gets in a project, it provides a great software! LibreOffice RC is out, just wait for the official release and we’ll see how things will change! After all, Google did make non-geeks use Chrome browsers! 😉

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