Robot’s Can Teach… Probably

Do you think that robots will change the way we work in the future? Will they replace us and possibly put us out of the job? I honestly don’t know for sure but I do find the technology for robotic helpers to be fascinating and questionable at the same time. Especially for robot teachers. The question that comes to mind is “Will my kids be able to learn and study a lot better than before?”

In the meantime, I think Dane Cook has the right idea about future technology on robotic teachers.

2 thoughts on “Robot’s Can Teach… Probably

  1. i hope they never do. robots are not human.
    a human taught by a human will behave like a human
    a human taught by a robot will function like a robot
    a robot taught by a human will function like a robot
    a robot taught by a robot is undefined

  2. LOL…but I thought dane cook really had something to say but it turned out he’s a comedian and he’s not even funny.

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