Real mice for real PCs

Yup, that mouse in the picture is a real mouse (part of it at least). some chick bought a mouse, ran a blade down its spine, pealed off its skin, and crammed a mouse inside of it. usually, I can stomach stuff like this, but this one is just plain sick (cool, but sick nevertheless). To get an idea on just how disturbing this gets, I’ll quote:

insert your fingers under the skin around the mouse’s torso to separate the skin from the body. This should be quite easy to do; just try not to punch through the abdominal wall into the stomach/guts area to avoid stinky smells. Sprinkle the Borax/cornmeal mixture into the nooks and crannies as you go.

I know this is usually Loolykinns’s line, but you really have to wonder what the kuwaiti version would be. my money is on a ‘9ab (Mastigure) keyboard XD


PS: if anyone actually has the stomach to pull this off, please try using it at your nearest coffee shop.

5 thoughts on “Real mice for real PCs

  1. Hahaha pretty cool i dare say! Brave, indeed. If i ever had the guts to make this, i would! Though i wouldnt use it afterwards, give it as a gift maybe XD

  2. WOW!! This is not bad. I wouldn’t mind doing this at all. It’s like dissecting a frog but with a mouse and your actually making something out of it too. taxidermy awesomeness. And if I was to use this in a coffee shop people won’t look at it at all because it will just look like one of those fake furry hair bands you would find in a 100 fils store. They might look at you differently cause their thinking “Oh he is using a little fur as a mouse. He/she is too over pampered.”

  3. ‘6ab? Try a street cat, camel, goat or even a jarboo3!!

    Though I’d want to see a camel version of this

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