Qlendar Windows Phone 7 app soon

Yep, this month is my final month to Finally go with the 2nd release. As I’m done with the final design, I decided to start getting busy with mobile apps. I started with Windows Phone 7 because, well, I know C# much more than JAVA (<blush>I don’t know java</blush>).

So yea, it took me a day to write the app, another to beautify it and one more day just to photoshop some pictures :3

I’ll be submitting the app today via YallaApps. So until it gets approved and all, I’ll work on an Android app then BlackBerry apps (And hopefully will be done by this month).

Here’s some fun screenshots of the app in an emulator:

2 thoughts on “Qlendar Windows Phone 7 app soon

  1. So you were actually doing something useful and goofing off these past few weeks. color me shocked.

    The app’s interface is really impressive. I didn’t think you were the ui type.
    The beta site: twitter bootstrap much? Nonetheless, It’s consistent with the apps ui. Both look slick and stylish. Kudos to the both(?) of you for a job well done.

    Of course, if usability is not as polished as the design, I’ll hold it on you for a long time.

    1. Well, I did use bootstrap because it’s an easy initial framework to build upon and its really simple and fun to play with.

      User-based submission and registration is the next important thing in phase 3 😀

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