Qlendar so far!

Well, I haven’t been writing anything for the longest time because, well, there’s nothing interesting to write about and I’ve been occupied with work\Qlendar and waiting for my beagleboard to arrive so I can do hardcore stuff. Well, at least hardcore compared to my Cookies and Bacon vending machines 😛

And since I’ve been occupied with Qlendar recently, I decided I should write whats new there.

First, I’d like to thank everyone who participated in troubleshooting, squishing bugs and pointing out some useful hints and helped polishing Qlendar. I’d also like to thank Q8yDev for his Android contribution. Yes, he made the Android App and hopefully will keep on providing Android support! And if there’s someone who wants to contribute or integrate Qlendar with their system/solution/website/whatever, please, by all means, refer to us and we’ll be happy to work up a way!

Now, time to talk about what Qlendar features (In total, not just phase 3):
* User registration: Users can register, log in and submit their events (After being approved… Working on Auto-approve mechanism)
* iCal and Google Calendar sync: iCal doesn’t support Android phones natively, so I thought of redoing Google Calendar (And actually fix some mistakes)
* RSS feed: Yes, it was on, then off. Now its on again being fixed.
* Publicly available API: Yes, this is how you’d be able to use Qlendar for your app/solution/system/salad/chicken or whatever 😛
* Search events by title and description.
* Facebook/Twitter share. Well, duuh! You’d want the option to do so. And it’ll be polished in the near future.
* Calendar box: Its more appropriate to have a calendar box instead of just listing them… Better browsing.
* Featured events ticker: Yep, you can have your event featured. Just write us an email
* Ads: Its not enabled, its just there laying around being disabled. Not sure if I’ll enable it.
* Article-based event details view: Because doing it as a table and details as if it was an excel sheet is, well, boring.
* User/Event reporting: Yes, you can report a user or an event submission with a reason (Can be “wrong”, “offensive” or hell, “KEEFY!!”). Actions will be taken accordingly.
* Gravatar integration: No need to upload your Avatar to Qlendar or link it in a way or another, it grabs your Avatar through Gravatar (If you don’t have a Gravatar profile, go get one NOW)
* Basic mobile apps: So far, on Android (Contributed by Q8yDEV) and Windows Phone 7. Soon will have iOS hopefully.

Future Qlendar plans:
* OAuth integration: So that you can use Facebook\Twitter better (For example, sharing an even on your behalf)
* Automated submission approval: That is why each user has a score. When you pass a specific limit, you’ll get auto-approved
* Comments: I’m not sure its an appropriate thing to add comments on events. But its an option that should be implemented
* Pictures: Sometimes uploading a picture as an event flyer is more appropriate than writing description and details (You’ll still have to write them down anyway)
* Better share: By email, tweet, Facebook post, Whatsapp (Not sure. And mobile only) or SMS (Mobile only)
* Better mobile apps: More options, native UI (For example, WP7 would use MetroUI styles while Android\iOS would use tabs)
* Better layout: If you’d like to contribute here, please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to work a thing or two 😀
* Wiki page for Qlendar: Just to share detailed info about Qlendar history, contribution and API calls and uses

tl;dr? I figured… So here’s a picture of a fully kitteh as a compensation for wasting your time (And appreciating for spending it reading about Qlendar-related news)

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