Q8METAL.COM forum had its glorious days few years ago. Then it got abandoned by its founder.

Here’s Q8METAL’s old “About” page (Thank you archive.org):

Dear fellow rockers,

The Kuwaiti rock scene has seen more than enough of its share of pain and agony. This site’s main objective is to try to support the local scene and all the bands, making this scene grow. Many may think the scene is dead but we, at Q8Metal, refuse to look at it that way. This site hopes to shed some life and love to the rock scene. We plan to do whatever it takes to see every rocker with a smile on his face and nod his head to every beat without being judged.

In the past, fights have happened between bands and rockers among themselves. It makes us wonder why. The entire Kuwaiti rock scene is very small. Instead of fighting we should unite if we ever want to see this scene rise from the ashes.

Thank you for visiting this site and hope you enjoy it. This site is owned and operated by 3 people. IZzY, iNZoW and Danny. We hope you can visit more often and contact us if you need anything.

Well, I wanted to revive the forum long time ago but I failed (Some Australian company bought the domain), but now I own it (I bought it Dawg!!… So gangsta!) and I’m planning on bringing the mythical glorious days back to reality.

Ofcourse, there’s .NET and .ORG which belong to someone who’s working on bringing back the old days, but failed to bring the core former members… Which, I’m actually doing in this forum…

I’ve already brought back SOME of the forum’s former members such as Kitsune, eLeet and Sein…

So come, Metal fans… Join us… We shall bring back the good ol’days =D

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