Q8GEEKS is back!

First, I’d like to apologize for the surprise take down. It actually caught me in surprise that I had to say “DO IT!” quickly before I loaf… Took its sweet time, but all for great justice.

So, what happened exactly is that I changed my service and provider from having a shared webhost provided by JustHost to LiquidWeb’s VPS.

I decided for such migration because JustHost have been sending me these termination emails regarding some contents and they’re so urgent that I can’t negotiate and tell them “They’re my stuff, no copyrights applies”. That, and they have few hiccups, but their support was priceless that, thanks to them, I haven’t given up on blogging (Remember the Tunisian hacker incident?).

Having a VPS server gives me more options and things to do. So I decided to switch to a VPS server to start getting a little bit dirtier (I hope I don’t go through hard kinks).

The few days of being inactive and under migration, I was able to take a break and actually do something stupid; Cookies Vending Machine v1.0 xD

The story is written in the video’s description and what I did to make this work was perfectly unprofessional; a lot of super glue and paperclips were sacrificed 😛

but all in all, I learned two things:
1) Acrylic boards are too slippery!
2) ARDUINO is so fucking fun to poke around with!

So, I hope you enjoy the video above (And please, if you’re going to make fun of it, by all means, open the gates of hall… I mean hell).

Oh, have I mentioned that I’ll be presenting this hack-of-a-job thing in BarCamp Kuwait 2011 tomorrow?

5 thoughts on “Q8GEEKS is back!

  1. Thanks all, and yes SIGTERMer, what you saw up there have been demonstrated with a Cookie Monster tshirt xD

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