Q8Geeks Guestbook v1.0 Released!!

I was bored and thought of learning more about PHP programming… So I wrote this simple PHP Guestbook that stores stuff in a file instead of using a database (MySQL or whatever)… I tried to comment it as much as possible…

I hope you like it… And I hope to receive feedbacks and suggestions too…

Click here to download Q8Geeks Guestbook v1.0.

2 thoughts on “Q8Geeks Guestbook v1.0 Released!!

  1. cool

    I remember I wrote a PHP guestbook.

    It wrote on a .txt file though

    I took a look at the code, it’s okay =)

  2. Well it’s kinda ok… I could’ve done something better but I was in a hurry…

    Y’know… someone could make a good use of it in its current stage until I add more features as explained in the readme.txt file =P

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