PS3 + 3D = THE SEKS!!!

I know it’s been a while since I last time blogged something… But photography took over me for a while… So here we go…

The picture kinda explains everything…

Sony got plans to support 3D gaming and blu-ray movies…

Good things are:
*   Backward compatibility with 2D games
*   The console can handle such thing with ease… So it’s nothing but a firmware update
*   It’ll be coming in 2009 hopefully…

I should’ve kept my old 3D paper glasses that I got from one of those Kellog’s Cornflakes boxes (15 years ago… Might be more)… But hey, I got another solution; BUY THE RED AND YELLOW COWS SWEETS THAT I USUALLY GET FOR GERGE3AN!!!… I think I’ll steal some from my niece or something 😛

2 thoughts on “PS3 + 3D = THE SEKS!!!

  1. Cool thing, nice thinking Sony! I think it’ll be great!!!

    BTW, you made me laugh so hard when i read “RED AND YELLOW COWS SWEETS”, but as il-ma9arwa says it, na’9rya bar’9oo!!

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