Protest in Mishrif – Your Attendence is Needed

I just received a phone call from one of my friends and he needs any helping hand from the citizens of Kuwait. There will be a protest demonstration in Mishrif to push those who are in charge of the streets sewage system to action and to clean up and fix the broken roads. Apparently both sewage and neighborhood road system haven’t been fixed for over a year! I think that’s just crazy and it is a serious matter to consider especially on a small area.

Protest Time: 4:00 pm.

Where: Mishrif 6th ring road next to the broken road sewage system.

The Kuwait press will also be there to capture the event.

TIP to all Protester –

1 – Be present let your voice be heard.

2 – If you have posters that’s even better (Be CAREFUL with what you write. Use common sense).

3 – Spread the word.

6 thoughts on “Protest in Mishrif – Your Attendence is Needed


    I would come if TODAY WAS MY DAY OFF!!!… DAMN WORK!

  2. Teeman, could you please tell me where in sharq and how long have the construction workers have been working at it? Btw, the protest that happened yesterday will be published in the newspapers today. I think this is a great idea and hopefully the higher people can take action to the situation. What really impressed me about the Mishfrif protest is that the newly and old MP ring members of Mishrif actually joined the rally. I think this is a good sign.

  3. well its been there since forever seriously.. i dont remeber ever going to sharg without passing out from the smell of ass overthere.Well near sharaf restaurant, whilst passing by the al hamra tower, near one of 93oud 9a7ouds construction sites.Ill check with my father later to know where exactly the smell of ass comes from overthere 😛

  4. LMAO!!! Damn dude. I can seriously feel your pain. But I’ll tell you this; be a bit patient. Because I believe that what happened in Mishrif really made an impact. I’m interested to know if someone might reply back to the newspaper agency in hopes of how to deal with this situation.

  5. then again i might have exaggerated a bit.. the smell is bad but not bad enough to get me to pass out 😛
    so yeah i asked my mom ” maa min muta ilree7a hathy ily ib sharg” mom replied ” min zimaan bs moo min ayamna i7na ” ofcourse after that she asked why i was asking about that awful smell but hey thats not necessary here 😛
    honestly dude i sure hope it’ll go away that and mishrefs problem

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