Probability-based processor. Woah!

Well, a few months ago I was chatting with a friend of mine (My bro-in-law) and we were discussing how instruction-based processors are becoming old and something new should replace it. At first I was like “Pffffft whatever… Not like it’s going to even come up as a concept any time soon”… But here it comes; Probability-based processor.

Lyric Semiconductor revealed their probability-based chip which is based on changes rather than binary digits.

Rather than having digital NAND gates inside that chip, it has Bayesian NAND gates. This chip can store data and keep their integrity by some checksum correction on each write based or probability where digital chips can’t do it efficiently while these probability-based chips can with no sweat. And the interesting thing, these chips can do the error-correction tasks using a 12th the energy flash chips consumes utilizing a 30th the size.

All sounds good, it’ll probably be out within 3~4 years… Let’s just hope it becomes reliable.


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