Please, don’t bring this in Kuwait… I might die laughing…

I’d wear one of those so I could read at night without turning on my lights (So my niece wouldn’t bust me and ask to play PS3…So much for owning LittleBigPlanet >_>)…

As you can see in the picture above, this is one freeky awesome LED eyelashes.

I wonder how they work, why they exist and what in THE WORLD THE WEARER THINK BEFORE PUTTING THOSE!? (Though the girl is kinda cute).

I can see it coming to Kuwait with those Alienwared girls wandering around the malls wearing dem LED eyelashes… Oh boy, Kuwait would turn to a Sci-Fi comedy show 😛


3 thoughts on “Please, don’t bring this in Kuwait… I might die laughing…

  1. lol…then if u want to laugh u’ll have to enter the moll instead of a comedy movie….lol anyway were little big planet designed for kids?….seriously every kid who knows that we have little big planet comes to my brother’s room just to play it that is until they bought it themselves.

  2. Those eyelashes are HOT. But if it comes to Kuwait I’m going to agree with you on this one. Yea… I wouldn’t bother watching a comedy movie in theaters. I would simply grab myself one of those folding beach chairs with some popcorn by my side and laugh.

    @Bone-crusher – LBP is aimed for everybody and not just kids. The game is awesome.

  3. lol…I know I played it but the kids r so easy to get super-attached to it,don’t u think?
    ps: if u don’t have kids rolling around in the house u won’t understand .

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