Play AVI and Xvid Files on Your iPad!

Here is something you wouldn’t normally get from Apple especially on the video format war, which is a pain having to convert your stash of TV shows or movies to MP4 format just so you can play it on your iPad. Well all that is gone now because not long ago an application named CineXPlayer was given a green light by Apple app store for allowing users to easily drag and drop AVI and Xvid video file format to their iPad device. Yes, I too find it hard to believe for an application like this to get passed through Apple’s Great Wall because Apple is not exactly known to be super friendly.

CineXPlayer is currently available at the iTunes app store for FREE but I highly doubt it will stay as free app, hell it might even be removed for some other weird reasons by Apple. So if I were you I would go and download a copy of that application right now.

Link to CineXPlayer

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