PIX, PIX and more PIX

It’s been a while since I last time wrote anything about my pictures…

So I’ll just put some of’em since they’re ALOT… You can check the rest My Flickr Page or My Gallery for more pictures…

Too bad I can’t participate in The Great Kuwait Market Magic Challenge

So here they come (Small sizes):

Trip with Bassman 04

Chairs focus 01

Be Different!!

Fishing Bird

Cloudy Al-Raya

Hope you like’em (Better check the links for more detailed pictures… Small sizes ALWAYS ruins the fun)

3 thoughts on “PIX, PIX and more PIX

  1. i gotta hand it to you, you’ve come along way since i first started coming to this blog. you got talent my friend.
    the 1st and 3rd images are amazing. keep it up.

  2. these are nothing but random examples,

    check the gallery for the whole pictures set… i don’t want to flood this post with few weeks old pix y’know =_=;

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