Photogaphy How-to: Holding your god damn dSLR!

Alright, back to business. Seriously, I’m missing writing in here.

And since I decided not to be another “My review of X” because I haven’t used neither owned X or “My impression of Y” since Y isn’t out yet and things could totally change, I decided to write things I do or encounter. And since I’m lacking posts, I decided to write few photography tutorials, hints and tips.

Now, many would argue or debate over how to hold their camera, well, I’ll share my experience in holding cameras and why I do and don’t.

Seriously? You’re talking about how to hold a camera? Pffft, noob! I HAS THE CANONZ 5D WIZ ZEE BATTAREYA GRIP!!

It’d be a total disgrace to own such a sexy camera and not know how to hold it. It’s like being with a pretty lady and not know how to hold her. Be glad your camera isn’t a lady, she’d pimp smack you across the room Black Dynamite-style!

No really, lets get serious here. Knowing how to hold your camera is so important because

Think of it this way:
Hold a flashlight (Not fleshlight, you nasty you) or a laser pen and point it to a wall thats 5m ~ 10m away from you. Yes, you see how shaky it is? Your camera is like that!
You will NEVER be able to stabilize it with your hands. But you could minimize things down.

This is correct:

This is wrong:

Why? Because the guy is RESTING the camera on his palm which makes the camera much more stable than the hot chick with the hard helmet (Seriously though, whats with her pinky?). Another thing to take note of is elbows; the closer they are to your body and not placed away as if you’re going to fly like a goose, the better. Because your arms will sort of act like a tripod.

This is correct:

This is wrong:

But I’m supporting the camera with my palm! YOU LIED TO US!


No really, there’s nothing supporting the camera on the first picture BUT the palm which isn’t supported by itself. The second picture has the elbow acting as a monopod of some sort.
You don’t believe me? Check out the first picture! Check out the hip! HIPS DON’T LIE!! (Going Shakira mode for a second XD)

But that’ll hurt my wrists


Seriously, you might think “Whatever, I’ll hold it the way I’m comfortable with”. Just don’t regret the blurry pictures you had BECAUSE you were so comfortable.

Also fellow photographers, if you see anyone who holds the camera wrong, please, you’re entitled and actually encouraged to BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THEM WITH YOUR MONOPOD! (+10 POINTS USING TRIPOD!)

Stay tuned for more How-tos :3

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