“Pegboard Gadget Mount” by Q80Thug

I’m really surprised to receive such thing by an email…

Q80Thug got inspired by Lifehacker post about the Pegboard Gadget Mount which surprisingly arranged and tidied things pretty well…

Actually, I might actually do something similar to arrange my own crap!

It’s really a pleasure to receive such an email from someone sharing his\her\it work…

Keep it up dude… Who knows, you might end up building a something similar to the Linux Cluster IKEA Cabinat thing

Please share whatever you did in your side… We could all learn

Click here to see Q80Thug’s work in Flickr
Click here to see Lifehacker’s article

8 thoughts on ““Pegboard Gadget Mount” by Q80Thug

  1. although using a board to make things neater is a nice idea, network devices might not be the best gadgets for this /*network devices rarely are near each other*/. we have 3 routers and 2 switches (large house with 3 families) and using a board might not be the best idea.
    but hay, it has other uses so good job 🙂

  2. just read the linux cluster thing.. WOW!!!
    a supercomputer in my bedroom! i think i’m gonna try it 🙂 🙂 🙂
    but i have to put it on my list of todo things…

  3. yeah, but a SUPERCOMPUTER! common even you (XP user geek man) should find this atleast a bit tempting!

  4. hi all
    i have updated my photo stream to include design sketches and also rough cost estimate of the project in the set description text.

    also , i would like to announce the complete failure of my ikea ‘benjamin laptop desk’ project. lol

    i’ll create a photo stream of the project in coming days with full details


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