Panoramio vs Flickr

Ok this really picks my nerves…

I’ve been having my Flickr account for a while, I can’t say I don’t like it. I do. It’s basically allows you to upload your pictures without limits (100MB per month maybe… But no total size for the account… As far as I know), It gives you the ability to choose the main page’s layout, set albums and folders and much more features that is fun to use.

I messed around with Google Earth few weeks ago seeing Kuwait and everything. Then I realized people been posting their pictures in there… NOW THATS AWESOME!!

Panoramio doesn’t give you fancy and fun features like Flickr. But lets you locate your pictures in Google Earth so others would see them. And here comes the big feature; IT HOLDS A CONTESTS WITH 28 WINNERS MONTHLY!!! Maybe the prizes aren’t that special, but atleast there’s a competition.

To close this post; I don’t think people uses Panoramio much, but it’s amazing… Yet you cant get rid of Flickr just because of that… While you’d need Panoramio to put your pictures in Google Earth.

Check my Flickr and Panoramio if interested

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