Pandas are dangerous!!!

Don’t you EVER think that pandas are cuddlable… They bite when they get freeked out (Just like someone I know… And unfortunately myself :P)

Some chinese guy snuck into a panda named “Yangyang” in some zoo in Beijin…

The guy couldn’t stand staring at the panda without the desire of cuddling it… So the guy just jumped off the fence and went to cuddle… But Yangyang was so scared that bit the guy’s arms’n’legs…

Now what we learn from this kids?
1) Don’t be another “Steve Irwin”… He died trying to play with a fish that got scared and stabbed him with its tail or something… Who knows maybe pandas will kick your ass Kung Fu style… We’ve seen the Kung Fu Panda and how he kicks ass (Well, I haven’t… yet… Though I will soon)…
2) Stuffed pandas might be dangerous as well… Who knows, they could draw a gun and shoot the hell outta ya!!… Or this could be just my wild childish imagination 😛

Click here to read the REUTERS article.

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