Operation “Im in ur interwebz”… It shall be commenced soon…

Well, I haven’t been geeking around for a god damn while… So I might start doing so…

Anyway, Since I planned on going abroad (Canada) to do my studies, and I hate my job so bad that it’s frustratingly not funny to have to work there until atleast June 2010 (I need one year of of working experience in a single work), I thought of tapping into my network.

Tapping into networks isn’t a new thing to me, I got good enough tools to apply MITM in most of the networks I’ve been in without being noticed… And most of’em are public WiFi’s… And god knows what I’ve been able to pull off… Muahahahahaha…

Why I’m doing this, you ask? Well, I’m bored… And I want to poke around with something… Ofcourse, I’m not bullying or abusing anyone, I’m just doing this for personal education purposes…

And since I work in some Helpdesk, I receive phone calls and answer them using CISCO VoIP phones… And because the calls are recorded and I’m only allowed to listen to them at the supervisor’s desk and can’t take’em back home with me, I thought “Why can’t I?”…

Poking around here and there, and I’m now able to record them and take them back home with me without being able AT ALL because I’m not sending anything… I’m just sniffing the packets I’m receiving and extracting the calls from’em using some tools (I actually got some extremely funny calls… I’M NOT SHARING!!!)

And because I’m living in a shitty department that some are digging holes for others (And stupid curiosity), I HAVE to know what’s going on around my department, so I’m extending this a mile or two to tap into my department’s network and see what’s going to happen… If things weren’t detected, I’ma extend it even further and tap into departments around me…

I will, ofcourse, share some of my findings and adventures here… And as a starter, I’ll list what I’m going to use (So far):
1) Microsoft Virtual PC… I don’t want them to know that my laptop is actually doing that… So using a virtual machine is a good bet
2) Windows XP… So far, my tools are all Windows-based… I need to study the Linux-based ones more so I can convert
3) ARP-INJECTION tool… I’m not mentioning the name… If I did, readers will abuse MITM attacks and people will find a way prevent this (If it’s not already available).
4) Winpcap… Most of my tools rely on that
5) Wireshark… I just have to have it around… Habit

Right now, I’m installing WindowsXP in my virtual machine… I might need to actually dedicate a kick-ass computer and turn it into a virtual lab >_>

6 thoughts on “Operation “Im in ur interwebz”… It shall be commenced soon…

  1. Would me saying “I like what you are doing!” makes me a bad person? >.>
    And yeah, Anxious Nut is right, come on man let us have fun too!
    SHARE! 😀

  2. no. don’t share.. I.. errr… was a bit confused that’s all..
    seriously though, these calls where made because people thought they will be private. just put your selves in the callers place.

    also, “doing this for personal education purposes…”
    yeah sure

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